Steering Committee

Our all-volunteer Steering Committee consists of a Potluck Coordinator, Treasurer, Database-Website Manager, a Post Mailer, Membership Cordinator and committee members at large.

The Committee regularly communicates and periodically convenes to ensure we find hosts to support our ongoing potlucks and coordinate the Calendar among all the local LGBT community events.

Do you have ideas for an activity, questions about our group, or comments you wish to share? We want to hear from you, so please use our e-mail to let us know what is on your mind.

The Steering Committee consists of 6 roles as mentioned previously.  The duties and responsibilities are listed below:

The Potluck Coordinator finds and contacts possible hosts and negotiates a date and time for the potlucks.  Once the venue is determined and the date and time is set the Coordinator will reply to the web master to add the dates to the Calendar page. The Potluck Coordinator also informs the Membership Coordinator so that emails are sent to the members informing them of the location, hours, driving instructions and other information regarding the potlucks.  The pot luck supplies which consists or 4 to 5 totes of paper plates, spoons, knives, forks, serving utensils, table cloths, etc. is maintained by the Coordinator who then arranges with the new host to pick them up.

The Treasurer maintains the books.  Since we are not a legal entity we can’t open a checking account , saving account etc.  The treasurer has the option of placing the funds in their own accounts and keep a spreadsheet or ledger or keep the funds at home or in their safe deposit box.  Official expenses include web page fees, buying paper plates, cups, etc. for the hosts to use and making a $50 payment to the host usually at the time of the potluck.    The Treasure requires receipts for all money disbursed. The payment of the $50 to the host can just be a journal entry.  The Treasurer will also attend the potlucks and collect the $3 from those that can afford to pay.  The treasurer will also estimate a head count of the attendees.  The Treasurer will report to the Steering Committee the previous balance and any expenditures between the previous balance to the conclusion of the most recent potluck.  The Treasurer will also report the estimated head count.  The report will be submitted within a few days of the end of the most recent potluck. 

The Web Master will be required to maintain and modify the NCP web page.  With the advice and consent of the Steering Committee modifications can be made.  The Web page is maintained on a server at OmSoft.  The code in in html, java script and css.  It was previously written in Drupal that is a code usually used by very large web page users.  It was converted to html.  The structure its quite odd but manageable.  At some time in the future it might be changed into modern code using something like WIX, Squarespace, WordPress, or some easy page builder.  In the short term the Transition Team wanted to get the web page up and running in its original look and feel , therefor we used the existing code after considerable modifications.

The Post Mailer is a job that has greatly diminished over the years as very few of our emails are printed and mailed using the US Post Office.  This position involves having the names and addresses of those that don’t have or use email or computers.  The Mailer then prints the newsletters addresses the envelopes, stamps them and mails them.

The Membership Coordinator position involves seeking new members, replying to email requests and interviewing potential members since the potlucks are held in private homes there is some degree of vetting necessary.  The membership coordinator working with the Potluck Coordinator maintains the email list so that the membership can be informed of events, locations, hours, driving directions,  and information regarding host rules. 

The remaining Steering Committee members generally help the host during the potluck such as accepting the food and drinks, setting up the buffet or other serving situation and then during and after the potluck assisting the host in cleaning up and collecting the trash and recyclables.  They may help in escorting those with disabilities from the vehicles into and out of the venue.  In short general help to the host and the attendees.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested is serving in any of these positions. Please email us at

Thank you very much